Ceylon Tourists Board Approved

c-Sri-Lanka (cSriLanka) is the core brand of Holizone Lanka vacation planners with an extremely innovative futuristic vision. In keeping with the government policy of maintaining and implementing massive tourism development programs, Sri Lanka has the capacity of catering the demand of the tourists by facilitating accommodations and other required services. We are dedicated to invite and offer our unique services to our valuable customers by providing a range of innovative tour plans and arrangements to the respected holiday visitors and corporate coordinators from many countries around the world.

Our relevant message of mission in this field of business is to provide efficient service with fullest capacity to our valued customers in the best manner. Our vision is to sustain a strong ethical business relationship combined with trust and hospitality. Correct approach for service and delivery commitments with ease and flexibility for sustainable development is our business philosophy.

Our Expertise:

  • Ability to Customize vacation plans according to the varying customer desires..
  • Comprehensive Sri Lankan destinations database..
  • Ensures Warm hospitality and memorable travel experience.
  • Wide knowledge about all the destinations in Sri Lanka.
  • Fluent tour guides in leading languages (French/ German/ Japanese/ Arabic/ Russian etc.)
  • Fresh concepts and efficient coordination.

cSriLanka operates under main three concepts focusing the interest of the guests, availability of the guests and corporate guests. Travel interests are varying from one customer to another and thus cSriLanka is offers the opportunity to customize their vacation using the exclusive vacation planner. This feature would enable pre satisfaction of the tour since everything would be arranged according to the interests of the customer.

Many people around the world are looking forward to spend a memorable holiday with their loved ones but limited time due to the hectic life style constraints this desire. Therefore customization of vacation plan is very important in such time-limited periods and cSriLanka caters to this segment by providing a range of standard tour plans to the guest starting from two nights to two weeks. The guest has the opportunity to choose the vacation plan from economical to luxurious and thus cSriLanka ensures the memorable travel experience with their expertise.

The corporate guests plan is a new segment that cSriLanka willing to cater to guests/partners/clients of Sri Lankan multinational companies. This strategy would help the local companies to build strong relationships with their business clients and also it wipes away the stereotype appreciations and will provide an inspiration to the company. These travel plans are especially designed to enable the relaxation mode while engaged in business activities.

By being the partner in progress cSriLanka team believes that the multinational companies would be able to obtain a good return on investment with their guests and it would help to increase the long term relationship between two parties.

Additionally cSriLanka plans special events such as weddings, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries etc. in Sri Lanka and especial attention is given to Muslims to ensure Halal friendly travel experience by providing breaks to pray while travelling and food, accommodations and beverages.

Overall cSriLanka caters to all the needs of a traveler and our mission is to plan the perfect holiday as according to the desire of the customer within the given scope and to provide a unique travel experience of a life time.