Krrish Group to invest USD 650 million in landmark project

Posted On:June 18th, 2013 By:Sri Lankan


The much awaited development is scheduled to kick off in August, and completed in 30 months.  The project includes the construction of three towers and the development of the adjoining Transworks building.

It is believed that the tallest tower in the project, consisting of 95 floors would become the tallest building in south Asia. Furthermore, the US$ 650 mn project will become the 10th largest of its kind in the world. The architect, Edouard Francois, who is a celebrity in Europe, revealed that some of the hotel rooms would have private swimming pools; and the development would also have 600 apartments, office space, restaurants, retail outlets, cinema and parking for 3,000 vehicles. Having designed Marina Sands Properties in Paris, Abu Dabhi, and several other historic ventures in the world, he believes that Krrish towers would also be the first property that would offer two inter linking bridges in the region.

The project has already attracted the attention of several fortune 500 companies. In the long run, the Krrish development could play a key role in appealing to investors, and high end consumers from around the world, while standing majestically at the heart of the island nation.

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