Trekking in Sri Lanka

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If you really want to get in deep and up close, there’s just one way, and that’s walking. For the trekking enthusiast, the beautiful nation offers a plethora of choices. The beautiful beaches, busy urban streets, unspoiled villages, and the luscious hill country can make the selection of a hiking route a daunting task. On the other hand, Sri Lanka quite uniquely for a little island, offers something to everyone.

Sri Lanka’s most popular trekking routes are based on the hill country. How can one resist the urge to stroll through the tea laden hillsides, flowing rivers, the roaring waterfalls, and the majestic mountains? The Horton plains natural park is a favourite hill country route among hikers; due to the unmatched bio diversity and natural beauty.  It includes forest patches, grasslands, and some high altitude vegetation. Furthermore, trekkers have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Bakers falls, and the dramatic 880 metre drop at the Worlds end.

Other popular trekking routes include the Adams peak wilderness sanctuary: where you could experience a magical sunrise from a mountain peak, the Cultural triangle: where you could appreciate the islands great history and heritage spanning over 2500 years, and Sinharaja rain forest.

The possibility to include jeep safaris, bird watching, camping, canoeing, and mountaineering, make Sri Lankan trekking expeditions extremely exciting. On the other hand, the numerous waterfalls, and rivers across the country allow hikers a fresh dip en route.  All in all, a Sri Lankan trekking adventure is not something you could afford to miss. At the end of which you will be weary, but satisfied.

“In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks” – John Muir

So keep walking!

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