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Bevis Bawa’s Brief Garden is a beautiful landscape focused on high aspects of garden management. It is a very calm location highly recommended to the photographers.

Meandering through the mangrove foliage and islet in the middle of the wide Bentota river, you can bear witness to stunning flora and fauna. It is said that there are about 60 mangrove species in the world of which about 30 are found in Sri Lanka. At the Bentota river, you can find at least 10 species most that are endemic and found only in Sri Lanka.

Lunuganga Estate was the country home of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Started in 1947. It has a spiritual architectural value and the gardens are now open to the public and the buildings on the estate are run as a country house hotel.

In Sri Lanka you find some of the best dream spots for wakeboarding, wake surfing and wake skating.

Watersports in Benthota is a very popular activity during a tour to Sri Lanka. Watersports Includes waterskiing, wake boarding, wind surfing, banana boat rides, jet skiing. Our agents are fully equipped with the modern equipments and extremely patient with beginners.